Zara phillips richard johnson dating

British royal family, the daughter of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

Johnson comes from a racing family with his father an amateur jockey and his mother, Sue Johnson, a successful trainer.

The second child and only daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, the little girl got her unusual name from her uncle, Prince Charles.

"The baby made a rather sudden and positive arrival," her mother later recalled, "and my brother thought Zara (a Greek name meaning 'bright as the dawn') was an appropriate name Zara's parents were keen to raise her and her brother Peter as grounded individuals, despite their royal status.

When she was eight, Zara was sent to boarding school in Dorset because her mother wanted her to mix with children from ordinary families One decision that has undoubtedly shaped Zara's life was her mother's choice to not give her children the royal titles, believing life as the Queen's grandchild would be tough enough.

Phillips, who was watching the race with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in the royal box, saw Johnson's horse, Wishful Thinking, tumble and fall on top of him.

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