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"I've never seen a response quite like this." Thomas admits that she was hesitant to sign on to the idea but is glad she did. My associates have been booking from France, Canada. Gosse, who has been hosting singles events for more than 30 years, said he got the idea after hosting a cougar convention in Palo Alto, California."We had to turn away hundreds of people," Gosse said.

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"Then we did one in Beverly Hills and had a massive crowd down there, so I thought, maybe we should do a cougar cruise. Needless to say, the phone is ringing off the hook." These cougars may as well be an endangered species compared with those hunting them on this cruise.

"The basic problem is, we have is too many cubs," Gosse said.

And starting at $125 a ticket, it's a great price," Thomas said.

"I've had to hire two more people part-time just to pick up the phones," she said.

"We usually have too many women and not enough guys, but there's been a paradigm shift in recent years, so now the cubs are more excited about it than the cougars." A "cub" is someone in their 20s or early 30s who likes to date older women, according to Gosse.

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