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But even that specific demographic was reluctant to jump right in out of fear that their reputation would be tainted if seen by someone they know on a hookup app.“When I go on JSwipe, all I see are my camp friends and cousins,” an anonymous JSwipe user told The pool of possible users seemed shallow and insufficient to sustain the platform’s growth, and its death seemed imminent.But in recent months, JSwipe’s user base has grown exponentially.

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I would have hundreds of people a week come to these parties, and we would bring together college students from all over. That evolved into a marketing agency, because eventually the parties started getting sponsored.

My fascination with JSwipe’s marketing strategy got out of bed early one Monday morning (very out of character) to stop by the JSwipe headquarters and chat with founder David Yarus. I would rent out a venue and promote it to my peers in high school.

In addition to discussing JSwipe’s marketing strategy, conversation touched on product development, David’s personal career path, and advice to college students. After I graduated, I continued hosting parties in college.

When JSwipe made its debut, those with knowledge of Jewish society and culture were reluctant to accept that JSwipe was the next heir to the throne of methods of finding love, and they betted against its success.

The morality of dating apps in society at large is up for debate; factor in that it’s a It’s a traditional Jewish belief that dating should serve the purpose of finding a marriage partner.

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