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Tim finally began to show signs of life and groaned.- Then we shall understand, but now we need to get out of here, so quickly.Waking up, I went down to the basement, removed her handcuffs and took by the hand, led him into a large walk – I was not going to leave without a miracle careful maintenance.

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Not the first time, but Timka stood on his feet flowed brown-red mixture of semen, feces and his own blood.

Bear finally realized that something must be done, and not just stand and look at his friend.

Bear Timothy turned on his back, his hand brushed his face stuck to the leaves and needles and began to try to bring him to his senses.

Two young body next to me was seriously overheated my blood!

Roma, gently took me by the waist, hips swerved several times so that it penetrated the barrel excited between my thighs.

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