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To do this I needed a way to define a “View Mode” of the user control. That much is obvious but that there wasn’t some easy, obvious solution on how to bind a dependency property to a property in the view model.For the default view where it would be the full version of the control the mode would be “Full” and for where I was using it as a child control the mode would be “Compact”. After some googling around though the general consensus seemed to be that you should just incorporate this into your new view model. Fortunately my Stack Overflow foo seemed to be working with me and I found the right answer.You have to manually bind your dependency property to the property on your view model.

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So “View Mode” exists in both the view and the view model and the manual binding will keep everything in sync.

Register("View Mode", typeof(View Mode), typeof(My View), new Property Metadata(View Mode.

Full));public My View() { Initialize Component(); // string property In View Model = "View Mode"; var binding View Mode = new Binding(property In View Model) { Mode = Binding Mode. Set Binding(View Mode Property, binding View Mode); } This manually sets the binding to a property “View Mode” that is in my view model.

and I had prepared a long, off-topic rant about MVVM because of a bit of trouble I’m having with it at the moment. Maybe I’ll make it an on-topic post at some point in the future.

Regardless, one of the issues I had was I needed to make a user control that could not only be the primary control of a view but I needed it to be a child control of another view.

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