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Gallis and Wolf calculated that Hillary (הילרי), Rodham (רודהם), and Clinton (קלינטון) each equal 255.The word for a female from the nation of Amalek (עמלקיה) is also 255.

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The term עת צרה comes from the Book of Daniel, which describes the time when Michael, the guardian angel of Israel, will stand in defense of his people at a time of catastrophe.

Hillary Clinton has frequently been quoted in the media saying harsh and demeaning things about her deceased mother-in-law, even blaming her abuse for Bill Clinton’s infidelity.

Amalek is the archetypical evil that Israel is commanded to oppose anywhere and at any time.

The total of all three of her names is 765 (255 x 3), which is the same value as עת צרה (“time of terrible distress”).

But in either case, the dark period is the anticipated necessary step immediately preceding the Messiah.

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