Who is erica from love and hip hop atlanta dating

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Dating Stevie J and Nikko must have been like going to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan because poor Mimi Faust is As VH1’s monster ratchet reality show hit “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” returns for its fifth season, we find out that Mimi is crazy in love with a mystery lover named “Chris.” The gotcha of course is that Chris is not actually a man, but instead, a short, cut, tom boyish butch lesbian with a Justin Bieber-esque haircut.

Unsurprisingly, after that storyline ran for a season or two, Erica Mena quickly resumed dating men and even wound up engaged to Bow Wow briefly.

To the audience, Mimi explains that her decision to switch teams was organic and one born out of a genuine connection with Chris. Not sure why Mimi prefers a woman who acts like a man to an actual man, but hopefully Chris treats her modestly better than Stevie and Nikko did.

The whole thing seems faker than the pink wig attached to Jessica Dime’s head but let’s play along, shall we? While Mimi is out here in these streets running around with her lesbian boo, Rasheeda has been busy tending to her little shop.

Mimi decides to reveal her new lover to her “friends,” Rasheeda, Karlie Redd and Jessica Dime by inviting them to Chris’ birthday party, which apparently is an all-white affair? Diddy now but this definitely ain’t the Hamptons and Mimi is certainly not ballin’ like Mr. When Mimi calls Chris out publicly to wish her a happy birthday, Mimi’s gaggle of girls falls out. I guess she’s given up on her music career (thank God!

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