Wetting chat

This has never caused an issue, until my FIL passed away unexpectedly some time ago.

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I thought maybe he didn't want to ask to use the bathroom at his after-care program.

So I reassured him that it was OK to ask, and I spoke to the director who said she would remind him as well.

How to Spot Child Abuse: About three weeks ago, my almost 6-year-old son started coming home from school/after-care with wet underwear and pants. He did not smell nor was it noticeable from the outside, so I did not realize it until we were already at home.

He told me that he forgot to go to the bathroom and had an accident.

Is this a normal situation for a worried son to look after his grieving mother? A: If your husband were 5 years old and his father died suddenly, it would make perfect sense that he would feel safer sleeping next to his mother.

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