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Urban and boarding environments can also expedite the spread of these parasites. Whether you are taking your pet with you via car or plane, or boarding them while you are away, Klahanie Animal Hospital can guide you through the traveling process. from an accredited school, or ECFVG certification or other suitable qualifications. We will perform a thorough physical examination and check for internal parasites, some of which cannot be detected with the human eye. The temperate, wooded Seattle area makes for a year round flea and tick season. -ed] Occasionally, the bull will make a foray out of the office to cruise around in the bull-mobile, a white pick-up or bronco, typically. You’ll be walking a lot and throwing your pack on and off of trains, so pack small and light — under 25 pounds.

Whether you are adopting from an individual, breeder, or shelter, we recommend bringing your pet in as soon as possible.

Must be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in state of Washington.

Keep everything dark, dark clothes, dark pack, dark sleeping bag or blanket.

A rolling boxcar won’t even flinch as it quietly rolls right over you in a sneaky surprise attack. You, me, the railroad gal who told you what train to get on, all the people who saw you and were too cool to call the bull on you. And watch for cars rolling quietly through the yard. If you’re cold and wet, freight-hopping will be a miserable experience.

You are made of soft, breakable stuff, while railroad equipment is made of very hard, very heavy stuff. To avoid the bull, stay out of sight of the roads within the yard. Your clothes and your sleeping bag should keep you warm and comfortable and dry.

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