Webcam free ps3 cam

This will allow you to create a remote webcam for your Raspberry Pi so that you can view it from any computer on the local network. I had the same problem and, like others in this thread, noticed that the webcam turned off when motion was detected.

Is there a way to see the streaming video on the Raspberry Pi it self to eliminate the network as a possible issue? Jarrad's solution to give permissions to the directory would probably work if you wanted to store pics/videos. I was using 'jessie' on an RPi model 1 as my base operating system.

I did open a port under NAT/Gaming, range 8080 - 8082..port 8081 TCP/UDPFor the life of me I can not get this to work. I have a logitech c310 which I see in lsusb so I know it's there. Installing motion on this didn't seem to give me the correct settings in but I'm betting it was the version of motion that wheezy pulled in that solved the problem. I was using 'jessie' on an RPi model 1 as my base operating system.

I was inspired to try out the Play Station 3 Eye camera for astrophotogaphy after seeing this amazing Orion M42 nebula image taken using a PS3 webcam on a Sky Watcher 130P (an hours worth of 4s exposures and a lot of post processing).

Here's another nice thread on using the Play Station 3 Eye camera with a telescope.

After using this for a few days I thought of a few other items that would be nice along with a user name and password would adding the ability to turn off the lights on the camera and turn on the microphone. Tried Chrome and Internet Explorer but it doesn't work.

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