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Most of my clients are single and want to get married.

For years I've listened as men and women have expressed their frustrations with not being able to find "The One." When I ask them what they believe is the cause of their problem, most give the standard answer, "I guess I'm just too picky." My response to them is almost always the same, "I doubt that's the problem." Here's why.

The pair were spotted getting really playful with one another, leading many to believe that they might be an item - or on their way to being one!

If fact, the problem for most singles is the way they date.

Those individuals who seem to effortlessly attract and keep someone wonderful tend to follow these five rules of dating...

Our Niley feels were just on fire after Nick Jonas Tweeted his support for ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus, but it looks like those dreams just crashed and burned along with the latest Nick news.

According to reports, there's a good chance Nick is on his way to dating Kendall Jenner!

There were rumors a while back that Joe Jonas and his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid were hoping to set up Nick and Kendall, and it seems that their master plan is working.

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