Vivastudio ru dating php

SEO/SEM services (for Yandex) cost from 400 euros per month.As for contextual advertising management expenses, they are paid separately.This will cost you +300 euros (includes installation of the CMS on the hosting server, template and modules maintenance, site structure and content management).

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Statistics module from a Russian search engine (Yandex. Top100) The site and its content is initially SEO-friendly, easily gets indexed by the search engines and Russia-targeted. If you choose to add another language version it will cost you the price of text processing and coding together with search engine optimization (300 euros per version).

We prefer to develop easily loadable and stable is always a plus to how your site looks and functions and moreover makes it easily editable, scaleable and upgradeable.

If you prefer to not have our support in SEM or content-management on a regular basis, we could offer you a content management system that will be developed specially for the needs of your site support (from 600 euro depending on the functions).

We also can adjust to your needs one of the Open Source (GPL) CMS - Drupal, Joomla, Moodle.

Also, we will provide you with an appropriate hosting in Russia , which is very important for SEO and promotion purposes.

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