Updating thinkpad bios

2) - you could get a Coreboot open source BIOS (which supports Lenovo G505S) and flash it to your laptop!

How to get this wonderful BIOS and flash it: https://

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- Fixed an issue where shutdown may occur automatically after a certain period of time from power-on.

This package provides the ISO image files of BIOSes which are compatible with CD/DVD writing software to create the CD/DVD for the BIOS update.

Hereafter the CD/DVD for the BIOS update is called as "BIOS Update CD".

Most people don't have an EEPROM burner with the software necessary to program the BIOS chip.

I have bricked a couple of motherboards from this - and generally the manufacturer will charge you $40-$50 for a new BIOS chip (with the latest BIOS installed). 1) If you dont want to be afraid of updating your BIOS, or you bricked your laptop and don't want to pay $40-$50 to a greedy manufacturer for basically nothing, I recommend that you buy USB SPI flasher + SOIC-8 test clip (which cost is less than $10 from China) So that if you bricked your laptop you can tear down your laptop and use these tools: attach SOIC-8 test clip to BIOS flash chip on a motherboard, test clip connects to USB SPI flasher, which is plugged in to other computer.

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