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This tutorial is most useful for Red Hat 7.1 installations and older which used the Lilo operating system boot loader.

Red Hat 7.2 introduced GRUB as the default boot loader and it is configured automatically by the RPM installation. If installing from kernel source see: Yo Linux Tutorial: Compiling the Kernel If installing on a system with an NVidia graphics card see Yo Linux.com: Red Hat installation - Installing the NVidia graphics drivers. The kernels marked "smp" are for multiprocessor systems or hyper-threaded systems such as some of the Intel Xenon or P4 processors. This is often selected in the BIOS for systems on which this is available.

This tutorial covers downloading and installing a new kernel for the Redhat distribution of Linux.

The Kernel is loaded from the "RPM" package format.

While other books in the "Unleashed" series have dissapointed me, this book is the best out there.

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