Updating open office in fc5

After thinking at length and forcing every other process out to swap in the way only yum can do, the word came back: the system could be updated, at the cost of downloading some 420 packages.

Your editor, having a distinct masochistic streak, runs several different computers, each with a different Linux distribution.

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Updating open office in fc5 Cam2camadult

After a quick check of the current backups, your editor fired off the "" command.

One of the endearing features of Fedora Development on x86-64 is that the chances of running "yum update" successfully at any given time tend to be less than 50% - especially if the system has any packages from Extras installed.

Between dependency hassles and travel, this particular system had not been updated in some time.

As a result, surprises are, well, not particularly surprising.

Even so, your editor's x86-64 system running Fedora development (the distribution formerly known as "Rawhide") managed to raise some eyebrows recently - and the news was not all bad.

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