Chates - Updating motorstorm

I hope that we’ve done right by the fans that have stuck with us and that we’re giving them the high quality experience they deserve for their support."We don't doubt for a second that the fans have been receptive to Sony and Evolution's sterling efforts, as the game has since sold over 2 million copies worldwide and matured into arguably the best racer on the PS4.

Evolution is clearly confident that Driveclub is in good shape, as it has recently released a stand-alone package which moves away from four-wheeled racing and embraces superbikes.

"We’re a long way past the days of the server problems that we suffered with when we launched.

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"The roads feel a lot wider and faster when you’re on a bike and you can overtake more easily than you can in a car, so multiplayer racing is frantic.

However, Rustchynsky feels that bikes have something unique to offer to the racing genre.

"They’re a lot of fun to drive because of the insane acceleration and unbelievable agility," he explains.

Driveclub Bikes, according to Rustchynsky, was born from the studio's love of racing on two wheels. "We love everything that moves fast, especially 1200cc superbikes!

And for Driveclub we’re always thinking about how we can spice things up and keep surprising everybody, so after many, many months of adding amazing car expansions to the game it felt like a good time to bring our superbike passion into Driveclub.

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