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If so, you will quickly notice that it doesn't recognize your new object in the list.Hi, I am new to QT, but one thing makes me problem.I use QT5 in Visual Studio 2015, and after every change to ".ui" files intellisense does not realize new or deleted controls made in qt creator.

updating intellisense visual studio 2016-12

But have you ever tried to use Intelli Sense after creating a new Table or View?

- but where can I found uic.exe, or how can I force it to run? But although intellisense do not see new/ deleted elements (e.g. Sorry, I don't do windows so I can't help you with Visual Studio.

button) after rebuild program GUI is updated, but intellisense not. The qmake binary is a key component of building/managing Qt projects.

Most of the comments I read from people state they are not DBAs and there is no $ in the budget to pay for one.

Although I can't solve that issue with a simple blog post (wouldn't that be nice!

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