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Though the goal of a 75% reduction was not met, overall energy usage was reduced by 60-65%.

But while the retrofits resulted in draft-free comfort with new siding, windows, and HVAC systems, the energy savings alone, in Mr.

At some point in the decision to buy a home, there comes a critical calculation: Do I build a new house on my own land, or buy an existing one?

And if that existing home is poorly constructed or simply outdated, how will that impact me over time?

The program, centered in the Utica, New York area, paid for deep-energy retrofits of four wood-framed buildings. In a nutshell, the goal was to reduce energy use by 75% by insulating slab floors to R-10, below grade walls to R-20, above-grade walls to at least R-40, upgrading windows by adding either low-e storm windows or new windows to achieve a U-factor of 0.25, achieving an airtightness goal of 0.15 cfm @ 50 pascals per square foot of surface area, and updating to the latest HVAC systems.

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