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Rebooting all of the Sonos products in your home will ensure that the product experiencing the issue gets rebooted, however, we understand this process may be tedious especially if you have numerous Sonos products in your home or they are in difficult to reach locations.

Please click on an error message or scenario from the list below: Error 30 Error 36 Error 1001 Error 1005 Error 1009 Error 1010 Error 1011 Error 1013 Error 1101 “An unexpected error occurred.

Please try again” “Could not install Sonos” If you are repeatedly prompted to update.

If possible, move the device you are using to control Sonos closer to your router and retry the update using only one of your Sonos controllers.

Please note that in order to resolve certain update errors, this article may recommend steps such as rebooting your router or Sonos products.

If you are not comfortable performing these steps on your own, we would like to remind you that you’re always welcome to reach out to Customer Care for personalized assistance while troubleshooting.

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