Updating a recordset in msaccess 2016 do freshman dating seniors

CCur Convert to currency (number) CDate Convert to Date. CDbl Convert to Double (number) CDec Convert to Decimal (number) Choose Return a value from a list based on position. CInt Convert to Integer (number) CLng Convert to Long (number) Command Return command line option string. a Abs The absolute value of a number (ignore negative sign).

DMin Return the minimum value from a set of records.

DMax Return the maximum value from a set of records.

Go To Record (Do Cmd)Move to a specific record in a dataset. Is Empty Test if an expression is Empty (unassigned).

Date Serial Return a date given a year, month, and day.

DCount Count the number of records in a table/query. DVar Estimate variance for domain (subset of records) DVar P Estimate variance for population (subset of records) e . Environ Return the value of an OS environment variable.

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