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There’s a lot of creative people out there so I just appreciate the different types of music.

They’re putting out great music so I’m happy where it is.

Love lost, love found, happiness, joy, all the emotions and everyday life experiences. I just do what comes from the heart and what I feel. Tweet: Production wise, it’s the same guys that did the first two albums, Nisan Stewart, Craig Brockman, Jubu Smith, same folks. All Hip You have a big spiritual influence. All Hip Southern Hummingbird was ten years ago. Tweet: We’re finishing up what we have to do for the album, which is pretty much done. On tour, doing shows and hopefully more to come, overseas.

Just trying to get myself out there and consistently giving people shows because I wasn’t able to do that from the second album.

It’s been some time since we last heard from R&B singer and songwriter, Tweet.

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