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Let’s suppose you’ve been dating someone for several months, and everything has been moving along well.The two of you are well matched, laugh at the same things, and enjoy romantic sparks. Should you address the situation, talk it out, and continue with the relationship? Those questions were more than hypothetical for Abby, who had been going out with Tom for six months when he got caught in a lie.In fact, a lie would likely spell the end of a dating relationship.

Truth relationship lies sexual love dating

Your future together looks bright — until the light suddenly flickers and goes dim. He cancelled a get-together with her at their favorite coffee joint on a Thursday night, saying he had a big work deadline and needed to stay late.

But a friend of Abby’s spotted him, early in the evening, at a pub with a bunch of other guys.

When caught in deceit, lots of people’s first inclination is to cover it up with another lie, which can lead to yet another.

Trust can only begin to be rebuilt when your partner admits the mistake and takes responsibility for it.

Evaluate the overall strength of your relationship.

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