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) ( WATERLOO VI DEO M ift Al FEATURES WHERE MUSIC STILL MATTERS • DVDs- buy, sell and rent! On the bill, works by 16th-century composer Tielmann Susato; 20th-century composers Lalo Schifrin, Claudio Arrieu, and Henri Tomasi; 18th-century composer W. The passage of 20 years in a frustrating state of limbo is what makes Brokeback the romantic tragedy it is: The love itself isn’t sad, only its seeming impossibility. • Quality previewed DVD & VHS • .00 Monday new release & DVD rentals J I FEBRUARY 10, 2006 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 3 SEASON 2006 ALL NEW SEASON! Although it’s possible to point to some weak spots in Brokeback, there is no movie this year that has moved my heart more. Here’s another lower budget film with another clichéd story (what movie isn't these days? Boy on wrong side of tracks meets richer girl, learn to dance, fall in love, obligatory silly stumbling block, then finally get together and perform fantastic routine together and we all smile. This time, Disney seems to be having a pretty good summer with the underdog movies and along with apart is the fact that it’s actually filmed in rougher looking locations giving it much more realism, and using horrible lighting that doesn’t glossify the events.

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aim Built In Card Reader Photo Preview Display »i» M »d Dell Latitude C600 Pill 1GHZ, 256MB RAM 20GB HDD, 14” LCD Windows 2000 Pro Pralaadiit upgrading? can 1=- buying Dell c^nrauiers nnrf 1 rifi-t-.-n-ps T Mnn G3/G4 ik-i CF d Jid aa veil aa p-rint,££& P JDGUUDiy eras t Jiard . (02/03/2006) - Marjorie Baumgarten i AMC Barton Creek Square, Highland, Gateway, Lakeline, Round Rock, Tinseltown North, Tinseltown South, Westgate calendar ► FILM O BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN D: Ang Lee; with Heath Ledger , ; Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams , Anne Hathaway, Linda Cardellini. Call Eddie Reynolds today: 512-921-9100 SOUTH Free Apt., House & Duplex Locating!

His baggy grey eyes and imperfections add to the likeable portrayal of the “good boy on the bad side of the blocks trying to do good but not knowing how”.

Jenna is refreshingly cute without being cloying (though I thought she looked better in , but alas, that’s what grit gives you), and though I wonder how good her agent is, it was kinda fun to see Rachel Griffiths in something that wasn’t heavy and about death.

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