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Rad had briefly been stripped of his job as CEO in 2014 after a sexual harassment case cost Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen his job.

And at one point in the interview the Evening Standard reported that the Tinder public relations executive sitting in on the interview shreiked "That's it!

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We're going to be fired." Here's the most entertaining Rad quotes from the interview.

Feminism, not Tinder, is responsible for the "hook-up culture." Asked about whether Tinder is promoting casual sex, as many claim, he replied "Feminism has led to it because now women are more independent and pursuing their desires.

He said he once turned down sex with a famous supermodel whom he declined to name, and added that she was begging him. I've been attracted to women who are ...well, who my friends might think are ugly... Apparently there's a term for someone who gets turned on by intellectual stuff....

Tinder has been accused of leading to an increase in casual sex, and has even been blamed for a jump in the number of in cases of sexually transmitted disease.

There were plenty of embarrassing quotes from the 29-year old Rad in the story that raise questions as to how long he'll be able to keep the top job at Tinder.

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