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These are just some hints on how to resolved issues while you’ve encountered ‘Super SU Binary Update Failed error’ if you’ve have had to update to the latest version.This has been seen happening to those who freshly installed the CF-Root or CF-Auto-Root while rooting the Samsung Galaxy S4 or even on other devices, as long as it has the older version of Super SU.As its bland name might suggest, the newly released Windows 8.1 Update offers fewer new features than Windows 8.1 did when it launched last fall. Despite the smaller scale, the newest iteration offers the best Windows 8 experience yet, especially if you use a non-touch PC.

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Microsoft tweaked the UI to help longtime PC users feel more at home among Live Tiles, Windows Store apps, and charms.

But depending on your hardware, some of the tweaks might be inactive by default.

Moreover, even if they're turned on, you might want to disable some of the changes.

Windows 8.1 Update is meant to be personalized, but that means the out-of-box settings aren't going to please everyone. Read Windows XP Holdouts: 6 Top Excuses.] Still, once you’ve learned your way around, Windows 8.1 Update is more cohesive and productive than earlier versions, particularly if you prefer the desktop to the Start screen. Windows 8.1 Update installs differently on different machines.

Another method is by using an apps called ‘Busybox installer’ from Play Store, this apps will diagnose some error and check any updates from phone automatically.

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