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with three times more expat retirees than the global expat average (31 per cent compared with 11 per cent globally).

A whopping 70 per cent of expats in Canada and the US said that both countries offer them an easy time settling in and a great quality of life." "..are witnessing the rise of Expat Man and Expat Woman.

After topping the Cost of Living report for three consecutive years, Luanda was pipped by the Asian city in 2016, owing to a stronger Hong Kong dollar.

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You have freedom of movement, of speech, and freedom of time.

They have long parental leave, long vacations – compared to six days a year in Mexico!

Article at Expat Yourself For everyone who moved to a different country, there are just four ways how they got there: as a student, from their government, as an private employee or they just pack their bags and left.

"Hong Kong has overtaken Angola’s capital to become the costliest city in the world for expats, Mercer’s annual survey said Wednesday.

Not only can expats find out how the country they live in performs compared to other destinations, but they can also share the real life experiences of their peers.

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