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Start this trilogy now and be ready for when the final book releases on November 15th. Read more of this blog post » Frost Burn (The Fire & Ice Series, Book 1) is now free wherever ebooks are sold! Read more of this blog post » Hart of Rock and Roll. Read more of this blog post » My writers' group holds a book signing in Salem each November.

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I do not like you at all, but I want you to open your mouth pressed up against mine. Nívea hundió la pala en la tierra y se agachó para observar el cuerpo inmóvil que yacía a sus pies con los ojos abiertos.

Read more of this blog post » It was a crisp and shimmery fall day, just like today, that I was headed to my daughter's middle school several years ago to volunteer at the cafeteria snack bar.

Two cars were in front of mine as I pulled into the school parking lot.

I write books for a living, mostly fantasy, but I really love all types of genre fiction and will probably write in most of them before it's all said and done. Read more of this blog post » Halloween is just days away and I can't wait! Even though I can't give you A Shot Worth Taking yet, I can give you the cover! I think it captures the essence of the story perfectly, and I hope you all like it too. Samantha Read more of this blog post » to see images, click on:

I always start the countdown about halfway through summer when the heat reminds me of why I hate summer so damn much. This may sound obvious, but in the city where I live, they sometimes don't trick-or-treat on Hallow... I didn't even realize I had a blog on this platform. It's a bit about writing, a bit about junction of faith and culture in our modern world, and a bit about my books. For this lovely Halloween Blog Hop, I wanted to give you a little view of how I envision the Cleary house from FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Since the East Coast is so lovely this time of year, I simply had to...

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