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This one is marked "STANLEY RULE & LEVEL" (rounded logo) on the cutter, and "STANLEY NO. The cap cover is also marked with a patent date "PATD.".The front knob is rosewood with a clear finish on it, solid no cracks, very little wear, nice finish.Sargent Type — Type 1 —Type 2 —Type 3 — Type 4 — Type 5 — Type 6 — Type 7 — Type 8 — 5400 Series Typing Sargent bench Planes – 400 Series A few years ago I got hooked on Sargent bench planes.

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Keep in mind, Sargent type study is a confusing work in progress.

I’m beginning to think Sargent went back and forth between foundries, even with a given short time period.

Circa: 1898-early 1900's Condition: Good++Manufacturer: Stanley Rule & Level This is a very clean, early vintage Stanley block plane dating back to the late 1800's era, or a type 1.

It is clean, rust free, with about 95% of it's original black Jappaning intact.

The cutter is sharp, nice clean iron, with lots of stock left for feature use.

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