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Therefore, what would happen to these anaerobic viruses and bacteria if they were to be completely surrounded with a very energetic form of pure oxygen for a long time?

What if enough of this special form of oxygen/ ozone was to be slowly and harmlessly introduced into the body daily, over the course of a few months, to eventually saturate all the bodily fluids and every cell, including those of the brain, spine and bone marrow, with it?

Therefore, he/she probably will have no idea (or an incorrect idea) of what you're talking about you ask about it.

So, if you are seeking opinions, always ask your medical professional what actual experience he/she has with the ozone therapies-especially if he/she gives you a negative opinion without any facts to back it up.

All 30 or so oxygen therapies, including medical ozone (not smog), which breaks down into oxygen, work because they flood the body with Nature's single oxygen atoms.

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