South park dating sim game

I´ve been talking during this whole period with Maxi through notes behind the scenes and explaining to her. " So I know you read the journal properly Do all this and I will give you a ticket number x3The drawing will be 4 weeks from now, on November 4th. I mean, who doesn't wanna date any of the South Park guys? I would love to make a South Park dating sim, and I know you guys would like it too.

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Q u Q There WILL be a feature for boys, so fan-boys, calm down.

I will also make a winning journal for who won with another thing as well to see if you truly did pay attention. If you do not pay attention to the rules, your comment will be replied to to let you know Draw my OC CONTEST || Fire Emblem || - 150 $ Price SO YEAH. 550+ Watcher Raffle (OPEN + NEW PRIZE ADDED) RAFFLE OPEN So I just reached 550 watchers, and I honestly cannot believe the amount of support I've gotten for my artwork.

But at the same time I saw this drama not stoppin 1750 Points raffle! it's been quite a while since I did a raffle so I figured I'm in due for a big one. You may not unwatch me if you win, if you do before I send the points, you will not get them and a new winner will be picked.

although i dont personally believe that the dating sim has been made (due to the journals publication date tbh) i have asked the mod anyway about it. (i dunno, i looked up her account but i didnt find anything, though, so i suppose the only way to be redirected to the dating sim is through her reply.

she still hasnt replied to my note with the link, but as soon as she does, youll have it.

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