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When asked how the Singlepin can work if not everybody knows what it means, Diane told uk: “The most common feedback we get is the thrill of wearing it feels like you are part of a secret club.“Only those in the know understand what the Singlepin means…

It will make you feel like you are part of something, a community.

The broach, which features a purple-coloured stone, is created as a ‘status symbol for men and women’.

The obvious message, two is better than one came across loud and clear. My husband was unfaithful numerous times and relapsed into a cocaine addiction; counseling failed and we divorced in order that I would be able to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our children.

“From experience, I had found there to be no chemistry online from a photograph or profile.” Dianne continued: "I believe that you can only know how you feel about somebody when you meet up face-to-face.“So, with this in mind, I created a wearable icon that enables people to identify and connect with each other.

"It's a simple concept, but I just wanted to open up possibilities to let natural chemistry flow in real life."The Singlepin, which launched earlier this year, is designed to ‘look like a heart but with a contemporary twist’.

She concluded: “Online dating can be a harsh environment and no-one deserves to be taken advantage of or humiliated, especially when innocently looking for love.“Yet still we find ourselves addicted to these apps – it's like chain smoking, we always need a fix!

By Krisi Davis The other day I typed Christian Single Parent into an on-line search engine and was surprised when more dating websites came up than parenting sites!

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