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Are Singaporeans really this bad at romance and dating?

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Continue to share with us your stories about your worst dates and stand to win restaurant vouchers to P.

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She was mad and decided she couldn't continue with dinner. I thought my date would pay for the meal to save my pride and face... In fact, he even insisted that I should pay for the dessert because he did not touch the dessert at all," she said. Can you imagine how badly I wanted to shove my date into a hole? Not knowing that she did not eat certain dishes such as roast pork, duck, yam, venison, and asparagus, he went ahead and ordered these dishes without asking her about her preferences.

She then told him that she wanted to have a drink and dessert at a cafe nearby. Hui Cheng recalled a date at a restaurant, where she had bumped into her ex-boyfriend, who is a tall and rich man.

Reza said: "The very next moment, she told me that she would go and find a seat and wait for me. Even at the movies, while I was buying the ticket, she would stand far away so that I'm the one paying." He added: "I don't mind paying, but girls shouldn't be so obvious." Another reader, Stanley, spoke about a dinner with a girl who ordered the most expensive items she could find on the menu. There was only one dish priced at about $100 while the rest cost up to $50. As with all exes, it's only normal to come out looking like the winner. She said her date was "someone who was shorter than (her)...

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