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Ok update, so I used the Salicylic acid about 11 days ago on that last dodgy patch and the skin has pretty much healed over from where it had scabbed off.So far so good, the lumpy skin that was there before, mostly looked like scar tissue rather than an actual warts, well it has now smoothed off and looks like normal skin.

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no bumps, and even skin that looked like scarring has healed smooth.

Im hoping its 100% gone so i just never have to even check and inspect my genitals again.

All of my warts are gone but now I am freaking out daily because a vagina obviously has many pearly papules and some days they are raised and some not. They are always kind of there, but sometimes i think yes, like yourself its just some kind of skin papule, and others im sure its a few warts. We should stop worrying ourselves so much I've been having sex, not that frequent, but when I do, I just make sure I wear a condom.

I did go to the clinic and the woman confirmed flat warts. Its like getting a wart on your foot and worrying about spreading it even if you have a sock on, and never ever stepping in a shower at a friends house/public swimming pools or walking around barefoot - even after your verruca is gone! the skin that has healed after this salicilic acid treatment has grown back fresh and smooth!

About 5 days ago i applied, after much debate some Salicylic acid. The Salicylic acid did burn a good 2 or three layers of skin away. Maybe its done the trick just to rid those last few ones? All other warts have been gone for many months to years!

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