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The cops came and booked him into jail for DWI because he was on the driver side with the engine running. Got bonded out with having to be on probation for a year with community service and attending a DUI class .

To make a long story short, I was pulled over back in July for going 19 MPH over the limit on GA 400 in Alpharetta.

Rookie cop thinks I am drunk - I end up going to the station and blowing a .005 - obviously below the legal limit. Nothing else occurred at time of arrest - no drugs and I complied the entire time.

I would like to know the chances since I haven't been convicted?

On top of this, I just moved out of the state back in August, and my plea in Absentia is being denied? My brother had some drinks and decided to drive back to the hotel. He is dumb and stupid for driving while he was drunk. What is going to happen in court Got stopped in 2013 caught a DUI charge went to court pertaining this and got my license back thought it was thrown out. In 2015 I got stopped with someone else driving my car head light was out everything else was straight I'm in passenger seat and they came and asked for my liscense I gave it to them but why I asked cause I was not driving, but they came back and said I was under an arrest for a bench warrant from 2013 for not coming to court for the DUI I did I said.

He was too drunk so he pulled over into a empty area and left the engine running and went to sleep. Should we hire one that is in NC where he was arrested or one in Ga where he lives? But they took me anyway stayed in jail for three days.

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