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Perhaps I will differ from UKIP on how we will approach that referendum in 2017. Most Ukippers will be for 'out' whatever, while I want to see what changes the Prime Minister can win before committing myself.

But without a Conservative-led Govt, there wouldn't be a referendum at all.

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MEP, Geoffrey Bloom was recently kicked out of the party for unacceptable comments. What I will say is that in my conversations with Montgomeryshire Ukippers, there is not a problem, even where we don't see exactly eye to eye on things.

Anyway, The Conservative leadership has absolutely ruled it out. I've always found a cup of coffee at the UKIP stand at local summer shows to be a convivial experience.

But its provided a bit of entertainment for the twitteratti - especially when he tangled with the redoubtable Bill Cash at a 'fringe' meeting. But I could never contemplate any sort of joint ticket at election time - never ever. This is where I find it difficult to find clearly defined differences between me and Montgomeryshire UKIP. We both agree there should be a referendum on continued UK membership. Would not surprise me if all parties sign up to it by 2015.

UKIP are as sound as the Coalition parties on the economy.

We agree on the need for control of immigration - though the tone and language may differ.

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