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The game consists of two modes: a single-player survival mode, which largely consists of shooting zombies and skeletons; and multiplayer mode, wherein you battle live opponents.

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Vandaag ontvingen wij deze e-mail van een trouwe Wordfeuder.

Al eerder kregen wij van meerdere spelers klachten over tegenstanders die zich meer bezig hielden met seksueel getinte vragen stellen dan met het potje Wordfeud.

The point of the game is to kill or be killed, again making it a poor choice for kids, though they'll likely be drawn to it due to its art style, which is similar to the very successful Players control their on-screen personas by moving them back and forth with a virtual thumbstick on the left side of the screen and adjust their view with a virtual thumbstick on the right.

To fire, jump, or reload, they tap the appropriate buttons on-screen.

Op deze manier gaan mensen die wel Wordfeud willen spelen vanzelf afhaken.

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