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Don't talk to strangers: Chat sites & risky sexual behavior We all hear this warning from our parents when we're young: "Don't talk to strangers." But it's never been more true than now in the digital age, where young kids can be exposed to anyone on the Internet.

Anngelique Boyer, mom to a 15 year-old boy at Anthony Wayne Schools, says her son was recently contacted by a stranger online asking for his contact information.

For example, take the website which bills itself as a place to "meet strangers with your interests." When you Google it, the subtitle below Omegle's main link directly prompts users to "Do a sex chat!

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That's because kids talking to online strangers is easier than parents realize.

Many have unmitigated access to phones and computers, with no supervision.

All that is making it very easy for children to get in trouble with sexting, predators, and even the law. Well-meaning parents who aren't on top of the hottest apps or sites may not even know what their kids have access to.

"If I wouldn't have been nosey or on top of it, he would have gotten himself in trouble," Boyer told us.

Now, Boyer feels like she has to worry about the online conversations her son is having with people she doesn't know.

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