Self esteem and dating for teens accommodating covariates in receiver operating characteristic analysis

A same-sex relationship is protective in that it reduces internalized homophobia for girls even after only one relationship.For men, a same-sex relationship is protective in that it raises self-esteem, but the relationship must be prolonged.The literature seems to suggest that creating a bond with a partner may be protective.

Surprisingly for the same teens, having an opposite-sex relationship had no affect on self-esteem, depression or anxiety.

Studies have shown that these teens may suffer more psychological distress, victimization, physical threats and violence than heterosexual youth.

Gay, lesbian and bisexual teens who conceal their sexuality, often have a lower self-image or internalized sense of homophobia—which can lead to depression and anxiety.

This contrasts with existing literature."I actually expected to see more associations between psychological distress and having an opposite-sex partner," Bauermeister said.

"But there was no association with self-esteem, depression or anxiety.

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