Scott moir and jessica dube dating

#somanyexclamationpoints **** I don't know which is worse - this or Jessica's winks and hearts.

#16.2k Hey Kaitlyn Lawes lost all other punctuation on her keyboard/phone!

#Trillium2014 #crossfit #guesswho Did u know Kaitlyn Lawes is the 3d most followed lady curler on twitter!

What happened to the good old days, when Scott was merely planning to marry, compete in the Olympics with, and then procreate with, Tessa Virtue, instead of now, when he's married to and raising a child with her (and her mother - shades of G&G). These photos are less than two years prior to Toddler Moir's birth and less than six months prior to Scott's wedding to Tessa. - Looking at the past two Canadian championships, it's obvious Skate Canada threw VM under the bus.

Toddler Moir wasn't yet with us, but was, at the least, most definitely a twinkle in soon-to-be Daddy's eye.

I haven't done enough research to have the answers.

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