bangalore dating service - Scam artists on internet dating sites

Connie G.'s small Southern town has a dating pool about the size of the average kitchen sink.But instead of catching a great guy, Connie almost ended up on a scam artist's hook.

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"Search names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, usernames.

The full amount will never be known because many victims are too embarrassed to step forward.

These con artists find their targets by joining online dating sites and posting fake profiles.

But when she shared his messages with a friend, the friend questioned his motives and authenticity."She pointed out that he wrote English like it was a 2nd language," says Connie, who broke off the correspondence. Now, she's convinced the man's identity was not only fake, but that he was targeting her."He brought up the money thing right off the bat," she says.

The Federal Trade Commission says the online dating scam called "catfishing" -- when someone online pretends to be something or someone they're not -- costs Americans millions of dollars.

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