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However if your device has a software problem, which makes it inevitable for you to restore it then you will lose your jailbreak if you do it through i Tunes.To help users who are having such a problem a tool called Semi Restore 7 has been released.The i OS 7.1 update is currently available for download, which means if you restore your device right now it will automatically get upgraded to the latest version.

It only semi-restores the version that is already running on the device.

I personally tried the Semi Restore tool and to my surprise it worked as advertised.

Since Apple is not signing i OS 7.0.6 or earlier any more you cannot restore to these versions of the operating system even if you want to.

Users who are running i OS 7.0.x and are jailbroken can continue using their device without upgrading to i OS 7.1, since Apple does not force them do so.

This tool tries to fix problems that a normal restore would do.

Last modified 07-Dec-2014 04:57