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You Might Also be Interested in: I got stung 3-1/2 days ago on the top of my left foot in my yard in Anthem, slight pain and numbness which moves around to different areas, also last night 3-days after the sting was my worst time as my right arm was very numb and I had a weird taste in my mouth that I never had before plus cold sweats which woke me out of my sleep.

I also felt weird sensations at times especially after laying down at night plus twitching in my left leg then numbness in my right foot, I am 240 pounds, very weird experience with strange feelings in different parts of my body, not fun and good luck, call poison control for advice, 12,000 reports of stings in AZ in 2014.— John About 11;30 pm I rolled over on my chest pillow and felt a tiny sting.

With respect to the anecdotes that follow, some have been edited in a minor way, without changing the message.

They ranged from putting tobacco on the sting to frozen pork chops! I have not verified any of the stories submitted to me.

I publish them because you might find them instructional, or you might find solace in knowing that you are not the only one experiencing reactions from the scorpion sting.

Coming out of my sleep I got out of bed and lifted the sheet as a bark scorpion crawled on my mattress.

I trapped him in a empty water bottle & veirfied it was a bark scorpion on the internet.

A few years ago I opened up a discussion, inviting locals to share their scorpion sting experiences. Most of these people had "normal" reactions to the scorpion stings, but some were more severe and frightening.

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