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The first episode of TRW: Portland subtly pointed out many of It’s unlikely that we will watch anything groundbreaking on this or future seasons of The Real World.But just because the subject matter of The Real World are different than earlier seasons, doesn’t mean the goal has changed.At its core, the show still does what it originally set out to do: represent a glimpse of what it’s like to transition from the seemingly non-real world of adolescence and into The Real World of “young adulthood.” Don’t get me wrong, this show will not be quality television; don’t tune in to MTV at EST to view yet unearthed pockets of culture.

Shockingly, I have never been a huge fan of The Real World.

This could surprise you for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that I waste my time on a many a fruitless endeavor, such as reading recaps of TV shows I don’t watch (hey, Worst Cooks in America) and have upwards of forty half-written posts/essays/articles; the slightly less obvious reason being that I am obsessed with The Challenge and observe its seasons with a reverence reserved for Snow Days from work and the Korean Taco food truck.

And I think most of my law school friends would call the two comparable paths.

But this season seems to manage something fresh that, while I haven’t watched consistently in years, past seasons have not focused on much.

It shows a very specific, hard-partying subset of early 20s living that has been televised to a rampant degree.

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