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Reallifecam charges $30 USD per month to view the locked cameras,however, they do have a few free cameras in every apartment.

Because the cameras are live, unscripted, and feature the private lives of other people 24/7, there is really no telling what you might see.

But, what I do have are strong girl friendships that are reminiscent of Carrie’s bonds with Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha and most notably, the same kind of guy drama Carrie had, which I write about for tens of thousands of readers a day.

There is no bigger fan of Sex and The City than Jackie P.

I have seen every episode at least five times, I organized girl’s nights when both movies premiered, my comforter is still Calvin Klein Bamboo Shoots (same one as Carrie in her old apartment,) and at one point, the show’s opening song was my ring tone.

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