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The same day, PM something, she asked my why I am still unprepared, and I just said, "duh, it's only Friday, I have the time until later evening" and stuff. We were in despair that time, until we decided to give a call on the operators of the cab, and we got one minutes after. An oh, oh, btw, the place I am staying in is a very a good place.

I am doing some heavy work on Black Cat Wiki, and we're not quite where I can say we're "up to snuff", but I would like to ask if we could be an affiliate of the Fairy Tail Wiki. Anyways, the file is this: Thanks again for agreeing to be an affiliate of ours! I swear, those place is soooooooo giving out an aura, saying that: "fuck yeah we're rich people" and I came there wearing highly unacceptable clothes! ¿Cual es tu favorita diferencia entre el libro y la pelicula de La Comunidad del Anillo? :/ , February 28, 2014 (UTC) This is Comet Flower Starius (talk) , February 28, 2014 (UTC) And I need to ask you about something, I made my own wiki and I want to know if this can be a father site.

Maybe that will encourage some people to come over to BC wiki and do some editing! T^T So I will visit that place again wearing very good clothes, so that I can redeem myself. My sister helped me out, and I think, I will begin working soon.. Como yo pare de leer hace tiemp ya no se las diferencias. If you want to discuss this I am on my wiki, Chat and somewhere else. It's Comet Flower Starius (talk) , February 28, 2014 (UTC) Again.

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So get back to me whenever, and we can banter over the details. , February 26, 2014 (UTC) Hey Jak, I'm bored so I thought I'd come and tell you about my day, just to cheer you up :) Well, I started out by actually making myself breakfast. I usually don't bother with breakfast, but I found this bacon in the fridge and decided to cook it up - y'know, the kind of bacon that goes all crispy and delicious when it's cooked for a long time. , there were left over BBQ chicken wings that my mum made last night in the fridge, and they were great too. But i do agree that at least the Old Forest should have appeared in the movie. And I am making my Wiki as a fairytailfanon RP or Fairytail anything that is in fairy tail. I just thought it was stupid because half of the images there were used in articles, or even had articles about them, whilst the others were useless things like symbols or already in character galleries ; D Guess it really was a blast from old Wiki past :3 *happy face of a parent* Our Wiki has grown up so much~ *tear* Hello, my name is Selena Rose and my username is Fearless Diva.

I was going to give you my 60,000th edit since it would be the last "edit I give" someone (since I don't like to keep looking over at my edit count to see where I am at). Besides, you will be seeing lot, since I'll be staying here for the long run.. Good thing, I have a talent (YES, TALENT) of packing up my things quickly, so it didn't even cost me 30 minutes to pack up everything, including my hand carried bags. I only bought casual and comfort clothes, so I didn't have much clothes.. So basically, when you ride a bus, you will tap the card on a machine, and you will tap again when you go. :3 So going back at the store; that store has amazing prices, and I was like: "WHOA, THIS IS CHEAP COMPARED TO OUR PRICE IN THE PHILIPPINES" and all, so I was really amazed.. Walk a little more and there's a place where they sell tons of different food!

Then, with a very disappointed look on her face, and she was like, wtf, who told you that, and reminded me that our flight is today, which made me look at our ticket, and of course, fucking surprised me. The bus surprised me again, because you need a card to have a ride on that bus, and that card will serve as your universal fare every time you ride the bus. : D We're on 11th floor, and when you go down using a lift (but it's elevator actually, but that's what they call it here), there's a vending machine where I can have skittles for $1.70. Then the playground here has a rubber mat, because they're worried for the kids because they might get hurt..

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