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In Singapore recently to promote the TVB vampire series Blue Veins, which she acts in, the Hong Kong-born Canadian actress tells The Straits Times with a grin: "I love my boyfriend and I respect him.

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He has never forced me to watch any of them, but I bought the DVDs recently, so I plan to watch them. But when you do talk to him and he sees that you're really interested in acting and want to do better, then he's super enthusiastic and wants to help you out. It's more important how well I can communicate with my significant other. I've watched the pageant on TV ever since I was little and the contestants always represented confidence and poise to me. I thought joining the pageant would help me feel more confident as a woman as well. Now that I've tried acting though, I'm really enjoying it. Growing up, my dad always spoke to me in Cantonese, so at least I can speak it.

And I trust his advice completely; it makes me believe that I will get better at acting. People had doubts about your relationship with Kevin Cheng because of the 22-year age gap. People close to me know that I'm serious about this relationship. TVB then offered me an acting contract, so the acting came afterwards. I'm new to this, so I try to do what I can to improve. But I can't read Chinese, so I have to put in double the effort with my scripts.

However, Chan, who joined TVB as an actress after winning the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant in 2013, says marriage is not on the cards just yet.

"We've been dating for only a year and I'm enjoying the dating process. But when you're so busy, you don't think about it until you suddenly realise that you haven't slept in two days.

We're taking things one step at a time and I'm not in any hurry to get married," she says. Were you a fan of Kevin Cheng's work before you got to know him? That was actually how we got to know each other when we filmed the vampire series together.

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