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Some of the key reasons why hair highlights are popular include: 1. Nothing is more gorgeous that naturally curly tresses hand painted with contrasting spiral highlights. You have the option to go with a full head of highlights or alternate between full and partial head. Hair extensions can be applied to create the appearance of highlights without any color application. When applied correctly, highlights grow out with a minimal root line. Of course, but I have just listed some of the most obvious.They create a beautiful and instant contrast on a wide range of hair color bases. When woven around the face, they brighten skin tones. Highlights intertwined throughout bangs will make eyes pop. When placed appropriately, highlights can cover the beginnings of gray, silver or white strands. Highlights give you a taste of a new color without the full head color commitment. The addition of highlights can completely change the profile of an existing style with minimal impact. I am sure I missed several other key reasons that men, women and teens adore their highlights.

Branch is currently working on his latest piece entitled “Double Honor”.

Not just a playwright, director, & producer Essex also is an event producer and has had the opportunity to collaborate with such notable names as Celebrity Stylist J. There’s much more in store for Houston’s own Essex R.

The most natural highlights are irregular in size and width and are spaced at irregular intervals.

With a name like Essex Branch, you’re destined for stardom, and that’s precisely where this very driven 40 + year old playwright is headed.

With several productions under his belt, Essex is making waves all over the city and beyond. Essex describes his plays as being an extension of himself.

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