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An experienced relationship tender can add a personal touch to your membership if you ask for assistance. Many members are looking for love to come back into their life. "When I first heard of Equally Yoked I was skeptical but curious. Everyone is a Christian of deep faith from the representatives to the members.

We do make "matches" if asked, but they are personal picks rather than "by the numbers" matching. Every member's goals are important to us and we have 28 years experience helping members achieve those goals. Could there really be a company that just was for Christians like me? I finally met my match and offered this testimony." Chris in Arizona "I encourage you to join immediately and get involved with the real thing and stop wasting time on other sites.

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dating for man - Professional christian singles dating

It is a fun and purposeful place, where you can browse profiles, tweak your own profile, or view interesting news and articles, all from a faith perspective.

You can seek advice from a relationship expert should you need assistance, or contact a full time Pastor online if you have questions on faith.

Our members have the same beliefs and values as you do.

This is the reason we have been successful since 1986. All members start out with core values and beliefs in common.

It is a place to meet, learn and grow at your own pace. They all shared my values, and faith was at the center of their lives.

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