Preeya kalidas dating bashy

I like to read the daily papers, have a regular girly night with my ladies and fit in my gym classes.

My body is flexible, strong and my core strength impressive (even though I do say myself). She’s broken me down so she knows exactly what my fitness weak points are (crazy cardio) and does these exercises and nothing else.

JASMINE WITH MUSIC/MOVIE MYSTRO- BASHY AT HIS VIP FILM SCREENING FOR ‘MY BROTHER THE DEVIL’. I used to be a trained ballet dancer and have been fit all my life.

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’’ It’s a shot of the gorgeous lil tornado wearing my white Chanel shoes peep toes!

Trying not to hyperventilate in my meeting I manage to continue talking in what I hoped wasn’t too strained a tone.

Like a lil tornado running on Duracell batteries she was up at 7am and asleep shattered at 3am!

Being used to diving into her family swimming pool in Jamaica into the strong arms of her warrior physique shaped daddy, she throws herself around everywhere-mostly on her Auntie Jasmine. However I should have been more child conscious before her arrival and popped my vast colourful, fancy shoe collection well out of reach because every 2 hours a different pair of my shoes were popped onto Ms Things tiny feet as she strutted into the living room to show us her latest find!

I reciprocated by having her rock his numerous pairs of pristine never broken in trainers as soon as I got home. The week was mega fun with activities galore (rum cruise on the river-more on that next time, Nando’s , Khans in Westbourne Grove, Richmond, Beaconsfield, Madame Tussauds, Sea World aquarium, London eye, London zoo, oxford street, and Primark! ) and it taught me a lot about how much more chilled I have become.

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