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Matching grape varieties to astrological signs has also been a great exercise in ‘managing expectations’ of what a grape truly has to offer.

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After leading the staff through a triumphant journey of 40 Days of Writing about wine and a few very busy back to back weekends of major events happening on the peninsula, I felt it was time for some creative, free-style form of wine study.

I took my inspiration from Wine Folly’s Wine Personality Blog which was based on the Myers-Briggs personality tests and applied different personality types to various grape varieties.

You may have had the craziest-wild night ever on a date with a witty Gemini, but would you want a Gemini as your ‘house wine’?

As wine lovers shouldn’t we try to experience a few more astrological signs (or grapes) in our lives before we settle down with just one?

As fun as phycological testing may be (ahem), we needed a little mysticism to lighten the mood, so I added a twist, why not apply grape varieties to... What We Learned This exercise opened our minds to not just settling with the familiar, but to try drinking out of our comfort zone.

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